The businesses that I’m passionate about.

The businesses that I’m passionate about.

My parents ran three of their own businesses.

A car yard, a garden care business and an antique furniture store which they operated in multiple locations for over 20 years.

I worked in two of those up until I graduated from university at the age of 22. If you’re wondering whether I got sick of lifting furniture, the answer is YES!

But there was something about entrepreneurship that excited me.

Being the master of your own destiny, being able to deliver an experience for the customer the way you wanted to and knowing that the possibilities really were endless – even from a young age I knew that one day I wanted to run my own business.

Entrepreneurship and business is the space I love to play in! If it involves technology, engineering or manufacturing – even better! I am very much a believer in the long game, with property investment being another passion of mine.

Want to know more about my current businesses?  Scroll on.

Adelaide Gardening Group

Adelaide Gardening Group

Adelaide Gardening Group offers a wide range of professional lawn and gardening services for government, commercial and strata managers to the surrounding suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia.

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De Stefano & Co

De Stefano & Co

De Stefano & Co is a boutique management consultancy firm that specialises in assisting business owners, directors and senior leaders in achieving their business growth ambitions.

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