The world in which we live is changing rapidly. Work in the future will look very different to what it does today. Artificial Intelligence (AI), digitisation and data analytics are just a few of the disruptive forces that for good or bad, all promise to change the world as we know it. Now more than ever, to stay ahead of the pack we must continue to ‘sharpen the saw’. The completion of a certificate, trade or tertiary qualification alone is no longer enough. Those of us who do not commit to a life of continuous learning will fall behind faster than ever.

Informed by my global experience consulting to and speaking with organisations of all sizes, across industries including defence, health, manufacturing, construction and renewables to name a few, through this blog I will regularly share my knowledge, insights and opinions into how the world is changing as I see it and how you can best navigate the change, uncertainty and disruption that will result. Key topics I will cover include my passions such as leadership, culture, entrepreneurship, success, innovation, leading Millennials, technology, the future of work, personal development, Science Technology Engineering & Maths (STEM) and more.

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Now for the question – what are you doing to stay ahead of the pack? Is it enough?

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